*This is a concept exhibit prepared for the sole purpose of presenting our ideas. The company, as well as the website, referred to here does not exist.



Shultze & Denver Legal LLC



April 2, 2020



Branding, Logo Design, Web Design

Shultze & Denver Legal is a litigation firm that shares the values of a succesful and industry leading law firm. We were asked to create a website and logo that fit their ideals perfectly.

Logo Design

Ideas and Concept

Minimalist and professional were the two concepts that Shultze and Denver requested we provide in our designs, both logo and web. We opted for straight lines and a font that potrays professionalism. We also decided to use few simple colors to give the designs a minimalist feel.
In the end, the aim of minimalism and professionalism was achieved in both the logo and web designs.


Official Logo

Web Design

Color Palette







Josefin Sans


The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog