*This is a concept exhibit prepared for the sole purpose of presenting our ideas. The company, as well as the website, referred to here does not exist.



LucreLife Betting Solutions



March 20, 2020



Branding, Logo Design, Web Design

LucreLife Betting Solutions specializes in helping clients find and place matched bets in order to maximize the profit they can make from betting.

The Challenge:

The company wanted to present itself in a manner that separates them from websites that give bet tips, which are often wrong. They wanted to instill confidence in the potential customer of their ability to provide a system that works and turns the client a profit 100% of the time.

Logo Design

Ideas and Concept

We flirted with many concepts for the logo design for this company and finally landed on the money tree.
The money tree is visually appealing and tells the potential client of the idea from the first glance, that is, LucreLife can help you make money without having to do any serious work and with very little capital. In a sense, free money.

Official Logo

Vector Images

Web Design

This website was built with a minimalist approach. Colors where used to accentuate certian designs and to call attention to some aspects, including buttons and prices.

Vector images were also used to explain certain phenomena like the different categories of price. These vector images were created in-house.



Color Palette









The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog